Fabulous aquafaba crêpes.


Fabulous aquafaba crêpes

Officially it’s not carnival yet (Shrove Tueday is first on 28/2 this year), but since next week is a school holiday in Belgium, today is the day all children celebrate this festival in school (and outside of school, since they will be parading out in the city streets in the afternoon). Our two were pretty excited, had neatly laid out their outfit yesterday evening, and for once, we did not have to rush them to get dressed this morning. After some extra brushes of make-up here and there, off they went, Zorro and the Elf, but not without taking a pile of pancakes with them.

At our children’s school volunteering moms and dads help a hand in baking pancakes, the traditional Shrove Tuesday treat over here. Our children are the only vegans at school, so of course I did my part. I have been baking pancakes ever since becoming vegan, usually relying upon Isa Chandra’s recipe in Veganomicon, thinning out the batter, as we actually bake thin pancakes – or crêpes, as you may (but we call them pannenkoeken) – which are nothing like the thick and fluffy pancakes eaten in Northern America. At one point I started using Karolina Tegelaars pancake recipe (Swedes are avid pancake eaters too – even in the, to me,  quite odd combination pea soup – pancakes – lingonberry jam), which is really excellent, but uses quite an amount of vegan butter. And that part I did not like so much. So lately I’ve been experimenting with aquafaba and chickpea flour (actually besan), and I have arrived at a recipe which really nails it. It still uses margarine, but not an awful lot, and next time I’ll try substituting it with rapeseed oil (with butter flavour) or a coconut oil/rapeseed oil combination. I’m quite confident this next step will be successful too.

Totally craving crêpes now, right? 🙂 I won’t let you wait for the recipe.

(And in case you would have missed it, I added a recipe index to this blog, so that all recipes from previous blog posts become easily searchable and clickable.)



Zorro & the Elf


Fabulous Aquafaba Crêpes

  • Servings: 16 pancakes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 l plant-based milk (I used soy)
  • 400 g spelt flour
  • 80 g vegan butter (easily to be substituted, I think, by 50 g (deodorised) coconut oil and 20 g rapeseed oil; or just 80 g coconut oil, if you prefer that)
  • 6 TB chickpea flour
  • 12 TB aquafaba
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp vanilla (not essence, but the real vanilla from vanilla pods)
  • 1/2 tsp salt


Just fill your blender to the brim with all ingredients listed above and mix!

Then let the batter rest for about an hour, before you start baking (with a well-oiled pan). Go ahead with a ladleful of batter for each pancake, gently turning it when the batter has dried on top. Grease the pan in between pancakes.

Serve with muscovado sugar, nut butter, date syrup, blueberry jam, or whichever topping you like!



5 thoughts on “Fabulous aquafaba crêpes.

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  3. Looks great! I’m totally pinning this 🙂 I normally make american pancakes (mostly because they’re easier, I admit!), but these crêpes convinced me!


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