Teriyaki dinner platter.


Lately, a bag of quinoa had been accusingly staring at me each time I grabbed for one of its neighbours on the shelf: a package of spelt flour, corn flour, basmati rice, oatmeal, whatever, you name it, but it never was the quinoa which was eligible for one of our meals. So this week I decided that it indeed had been way too long since we had had quinoa. It must have been months – and I can’t really name a reason why, so I decided to finally put an end to its lonely shelf life.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not fond of plain quinoa. Don’t get me wrong, I do like quinoa, and so do the others here in the house, but there should be some seasoning or other key ingredient providing extra ‘zazz. One of my favourites in this case is a teriyaki blend which is added to the boiling quinoa. The end result may not look super inviting – it’s a drabby shade of brown – but damn, tasty it is! Teriyaki quinoa is one of Dreena Burton’s — wait, wait, you don’t know Dreena Burton? You should! Time to change that! — recipes from eat, drink & be vegan (to my friends: yes, you can always come and borrow my copy) which works splendidly when subbing the quinoa by rice as well.

So I decided to go for the teriyaki kind of quinoa, which over time has in our house become pretty good friends with both sesame sprinkled broccoli* and smoky grilled tempeh (I always use smoked tempeh, by the way, so the end result is extra smoky!). The latter is an Isa Chandra Moskowitz recipe which I won’t copy/paste, but you can find it over here. Whilst leafing through Veganomicon, I came across a sesame dressing which sounded pretty nice, so I sliced up half a cucumber with a vegetable peeler, added the dressing and some spring onions, and that made for a very nice side salad. And whilst I was at it, I grilled some eggplant (in a grill pan), only using a splash of teriyaki sauce and toasted sesame oil, but that absolutely did the trick.

The result? A very satisfying Japanese-style dinner platter, without too much work. Seems like the quinoa, tempeh and broccoli have gotten two new sidekicks, because I will definitely be making this combo again. Won’t serve it on a green plate next time, though. There’s only so much greenness and brownness one can put up with – visually, at least :-). So no more bichromic photographs, I promise.


*put some broccoli florets in a skillet or bowl with some oil and some tbsp of water, simmer or microwave for a couple of minutes, and sprinkle with sesame seeds, gomasio or this



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