Chocolate-spinach smoothie.


When it comes to eating fruit, my youngst is an absolute dream. She would try and eat more or less anything. My eldest, however, is rather, how should I say it, ‘conservative’ in his preferences for certain types of fruit. Only banana, apple, pear and grapes (if they are both green ánd seedless) can charm him. But give whichever mix of fruit a whizz in the blender, and he will be the first in line to come and begg for a smoothie. Problem solved! So quite often when school’s out, dinner’s not ready yet and the children crave for a snack, I cut up some fruit for my daughter, and blend a smoothie for my son.

Now, whereas with regular fruit smoothies, my daughter will turn these down with a turned-up nose (she’s the absolute opposite of her brother in this), the case is different with chocolate-spinach smoothies, which both my kids absolutely love. They know I smuggle spinach into them, but do not seem to mind. It’s hardly detectable either.

For two portions, you take

  • 1 banana
  • 2,5 cups baby spinach leaves (1 cup = ca. 2,5 dl)
  • 3 TB cocoa
  • 2-3 TB agave or maple syrup (depending on your craving for sweetness)
  • 2 cups plant-based milk (preferably without added calcium, as calcium inhibits iron  absorption; both spinach and cocoa are iron-rich ingredients)
  • optional: some nut butter

Blend and enjoy!



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