A new start.

Lightyears ago – in fact only about 7, but in digital history that equals eternity – I used to be a foodblogger. But as that title should not be used lightly, I should immediately add that I was a very (very!) modest and local one. Then came child #1, then child #2, and in between those two, I also delivered a brainchild – a PhD. Feeding the children and surviving working days and interrupted nights became a priority, rather than feeding the blog, which was gradually reduced to nothingness.

The children are long weaned and thriving – on homecooked vegan food -, I still happily spend hours in my kitchen when time allows for it, and my fingers have been itching for a while now to start a new blogging chapter. It’s time to give in to that craving. So here I am again, reverting to this new blog to vent my  – still very modest – culinary ventures. This finally liberates my facebook friends from a newsfeed clogged with vegan foodporn pics. Of course they’re welcome over here too, in case they would miss my food posts after all (hi there, facebook friends!).






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